Our Microphone Test aims to test your microphone through your browser. The utility also has instructions on what might be malfunctioning and what to do about it. Our program supports many of the devices you use. Next, choose what happens when you say Stop Listening.

To sum it all up, the TONOR Q9 competes as one of the best USB microphones available today. There’s no denying its versatility, with features that suit both beginners and pros. When combined with additional equipment that is similarly simple to set up, you won’t have to spend much time looking for the ideal accessories to add.

Microsoft PC Manager is a 1-click optimizer for Windows 11/10

But it has a rubber cable that tangles more easily, it comes with a Y-splitter, and it lacks the HS60 Pro’s USB surround-sound dongle. Select “Sounds” from the list of options accessible by right-clicking on the speaker icon in your taskbar. Another fix included disconnecting and plugging in quickly (to the point that the jack didn’t even leave the port). In a nutshell, disconnect and reconnect as soon as possible. This headset built for PlayStation 4 and 5, but it works well with other platforms too.

  • I’m glad I’m seeing more headsets featuring Bluetooth connectivity since it frees up a USB slot that would be taken up by a wireless dongle, and you can connect your phone to them.
  • Test the microphone each time you make changes to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Monitoring and performance management can alleviate, prevent and even predict some of the known issues that users experience with Teams.
  • Your project will be saved privately and securely, so no-one else will be able to access it unless you share it with them or invite them as a collaborator.

Under the “Allow access to microphone on this device” section, click the Change button. In the case that you have multiple microphones , you can test disconnecting the peripherals. If the microphone isn’t working on Microsoft Teams, you have multiple ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem on Windows 10.

How to fix Teams microphone by using web version

To check your Microphone Privacy settings, go to your Microphone settings page and make sure the following option is toggled on. I have been having the exact same problem on my MacBook with Monterey (12.3.1). When setting up my audio, I can hear the test tone through my speakers and I can hear the test playback of what I say in the microphone.


Read through this detailed explanation of how to apply each option. If the first method doesn’t work, try the next one until your voice chat starts working. Windows will automatically detect the microphone without the need for any extra installations. All that remains is to verify that the TONOR Q9 is configured as the default microphone. Before delving deeper into the possibilities when using this USB microphone, let’s go through how to set up and test microphones in Windows 10. If you’re looking for a USB microphone that is easy to set up and requires minimal effort, TONOR’s Q9 USB microphone fits the this site role.