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The editor also is very promising, with trimming options, annotations, pre-made templates, and more. Moreover, it allows the recording of external video devices such as a Webcam, Xbox, Playstation, smartphone, tablet, IPTV, etc. Videos recorded with Icecream Screen Recorder are easy to share, with support for popular platforms such as YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive. There is a free trial available you can use to figure out if it’s worth it for you, but that’s the price you have to pay for a complete set of tools.

  • The first step is to uninstall memory-hogging programs that you’re not using.
  • For a program that allows you to recover either your screen, webcam, or recording device on Windows 10, give Debut Video Capture a try.
  • You can change colors, saturation, and even remove the background with a magic wand.
  • Refer to hydro version for old installation instructions.

Now navigate through the solutions to fix the black screen during Windows 10/11 installation or maybe after installation. When downloaded, you will have to restart the PC by clicking on Restart nowto finish the process. OR, you can choose toSchedule the restart to a specific time to avoid any surprises. In most situations, the problem is caused by the antivirus you have installed.

How to take a screenshot on a PC in one step

Press that option and capture the limited part of your screen by dragging the edges of the small square which will be presented on your screen for the first time. So, the effective way in which you can capture the limited part of your screen is by using the “Windows + Shift + S” keyboard shortcut. We will discuss about the snipping which is pretty much similar to this method below. For this purpose, you need to press the “Prtsc” key which is probably present on the top right corner of every keyboard. Pressing this key will take a screenshot of the display screen and send it to the Clipboard. So, definitely a very effective method which will do your job without consuming a single bit of data from your hard drive.

You’ll have to choose the edition and language, and then pick between a 32-bit or 64-bit system, before you download the ISO. VirtualBox is open-source virtualization software from Oracle for creating virtual machines. With a virtual machine, you can run an operating system like an application inside your current operating system. You may want to use a keyboard and mouse here, though you can get through the whole thing with the touch screen. If you are uncomfortable deleting the partitions on your SSD, you may want to consider installing Windows on an SD card and booting from there, or even sticking with SteamOS. You can still back out at this point without deleting any data.

Windows 11 Support

After applying the changes, you can press the PrtScrn key on the keyboard to bring up the tool to take a snip or full-screen capture of anything that you’re running on the desktop. Normally, it’s easy to take screenshots of shown contents in the computer. However, when you want to screen capture a context menu in your Windows 10 laptop, you will find that the context menu could disappear easily once you click your mouse. Here, you will get two easy ways to screen capture a context menu in Windows 10. If you want to capture anything on your screen before Windows loads, it’s pretty much impossible unless you pull out a camera and start taking photos.

How do I take a screenshot on Windows 10 with a 60 keyboard?

If you are running antivirus software, uninstall it. You can always reinstall it when your machine is feeling better. There are also plenty of other uses Driversol Drivers for a Windows 10 ISO file.

You can also have multiple drives defragmented at the same time by clicking on them one by one while holding theCtrlkey to select them, and then clicking onOptimize all. At the bottom, it will show you how often your hard drive is scheduled to be defragged. The Change settings button on the right will let you change the schedule settings if you want your hard drive to be defragged more or less frequently. Once the File Explorer Window launches, you will need to click on the “This PC” link that is found on the navigation pane at the left of the Window.